The Basics

1. What is the Storyboard Video Editor?

Storyboard Video Editor is a video editing app designed to create a brand new type of short-form, vertical video content called Stories.

2. What are Stories?

Stories are short, vertically-oriented videos made up of multiple Scenes. Each Scene can be up to 15-seconds long, and viewers can tap to jump from Scene to Scene.

3. What makes Stories different from other video content?

The concept of Scenes! Stories are fast-paced, engaging videos that deliver a unique takeaway or punchline every Scene. 15-second Scenes keep Stories short and to the point while retaining viewers’ attention and energy levels.

4. Do all Stories have to be vertically-oriented?

No, but we highly-recommended vertical formats to give your viewers the best possible experience.

Creating Stories

1. How do I create a Story?

You can create a Story by tapping New Project on the Projects Page. Each Story you create constitutes a Project, and they will all be saved here.

2. How do I add videos to my Story?

You can upload video clips by adding Scenes in the Story Editor. Tap into each Scene to upload/edit multiple video clips.

3. What types of media can I use?

You can upload videos, audio files, photos, and gifs from your device. Photos and gifs will be converted into video clips you can edit. You can also search for and import online videos. Storyboard also provides a library of music and SFX to use however you’d like!

4. What video resolution should I use?

720p or higher for the best performance.

5. What if my video clip doesn’t fit the vertical-orientation?

Storyboard allows you to resize, crop, and rotate any video clips that don’t perfectly fit a vertical screen.

6. How many audio files can I add to my Story?

You can only add one (1) track as Background Music for an entire Story, but each Scene supports multiple audio files.

7. What’s the difference between a Story’s Background Music versus audio files added into a Scene?

A Story’s Background Music is a single audio file that plays over the entire Story (and all Scenes). The audio files you add to a Scene will only play within that Scene.

8. Can I adjust the volume of Background Music and audio files I add to my Story?

You can adjust the volume balance between a Story’s Background Music and its Scenes. You can also adjust the volume levels of each audio file you upload to Scenes.

9. How do I duplicate, reorder, and delete Scenes?

You can do all the above by tapping on “Manage” in the Story Editor view.

Sharing Stories

1. What can I do with my finished Stories?

You can export your Story to one of our supported third-party platforms, or you can save it on your device.

2. What happens to my Scenes when I export or save my Story?

Some platforms will preserve the Scenes format of your Stories when you export to them. Saving to your device or exporting to platforms that don’t support Storyboard’s format will merge all the Scenes of your Story into one video.

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